Announcements 3rd October 2020

Announcements 26.09.2020

Hello Church family, here are the latest announcements for this week.
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Rise in COVID cases
We are slowly beginning to see more and more reported cases of COVID 19 across various parts of the country, at this time we are asking everyone to please remember to follow guidelines set by the government, protect yourselves and others during these uncertain times. Nobody know s the future, how ever it is our prayer that the Lord with stretch forth His protection over His people as we keep out eyes firmly on Him.

PARL Update
On Sunday 11th October at 7pm, Pastor Brighton Kavaloh on behalf of the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department, w ill be providing an update on the recent government consultation on changes to the Human Medicine Regulations to support the rollout of COVI D-19 vaccinations. The update w ill take place at 7pm via Zoom. To login, visit the Zoom website or use your Zoom App, entering meeting ID: 829 6624 2012

Prayers Needed?
This is a reminder that during the month of October, our team of Prayer warriors within the Prayer Ministries department are taking prayer requests to the Lord. I f you have any prayer requests, either for yourself or someone you know, contact either Sis Rose James on 07940 203840, Sis Ann Weekes on 07939 838618 or Sis Helen Decoteau Grant on 07958 669804 and they’ll be happy to speak with you.

2021 Calendars
This is a reminder that the Personal Ministries Department are in the process of collating and distributing 2021 Advent calendars. I f you are a member of Holloway and wish to receive copies of the calendar, please contact Sis Anderson on 07547 639862.

The Trans European Division are conducting a COVID-19 survey to gauge the effect the pandemic may have had on church members’ mental wellbeing, in light of the devastating impact of COVI D-19. In order to measure the experience of church members, and the level of support we may or may not have received, all members are invited to complete an anonymous survey, which can be accessed via the link below :

The data collected w ill be fed back to our church to help us to assess the local needs and to help us signpost individuals w ho may require help to seek relevant support systems, in order to safeguard their mental health and wellbeing.

Men’s Ministries Volunteer Mentoring Programme
Men’s Ministries Dept are setting up a volunteer mentoring programme specifically geared towards guiding, mentoring and supporting our Hollow ay male teens and youth. I f you are a male and would like to be part of this programme please contact Bro Lincoln Moyo on 07961 032719.

This week, a team of members were on the streets of Holloway sharing the Word of God with the locals, handing out tracts, offering Bible studies and meeting the needs of our community with food and clothing. If you would like to support this evangelism please contact Cresha Walkinshaw on 07939 347923 or Helen DeCoteau Grant on 07958 669804.

Holloway Prayer Line
At this time on uncertainty, please be reminded that the Hollow ay Prayer Line is now available sev en days a w eek. It will operate on Sundays from 9 a.m. and Mondays to Sabbaths from 6 a.m. To join the call, dial: 03330 112318. Key in the conference room number: 38 32 42 18#. Key in the password: 8305#

Answered prayers
If you have an answered prayer, whether small or large and would like us to celebrate with you, please contact the Communications team at:

South England Conference Prayer Line
The SEC also operates a prayer line each morning from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. for you to join a conference call or to receive prayers or to engage in a routine morning prayer. To take part, please call 0330 088 1937 and key in the access code: 619 764# when prompted.
Prayer is the perfect tonic to start our day and guide us through our week, so do make an effort to join the various prayer sessions w hen possible as we take all our troubles to God in prayer.

Cornerstone Counselling Service
The Cornerstone Counselling Service have counsellors and trained listeners who continue to offer telephone and online support through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and other mediums. They have a new , dedicated number for the listening service; as well as listeners who can speak French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian and a number of African languages.

Call the dedicated listening line from 8am to midnight, seven days a week on 0330 133 2495; Call the office on 0207 723 8050 for counselling appointments, from 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 12 noon on Fridays;

Email or visit their website to chat online, and obtain emotional support resources at

Gift Aid
If you are a UK resident and a taxpayer, we’d like to encourage you to consider joining the Gift Aid scheme. It is a scheme which enables charities like Holloway Church reclaim tax on donations made by you as a taxpayer. Joining costs nothing and it releases additional funds from tithes & offerings
which can be used for evangelism! To complete an online Gift Aid form, follow the Gift Aid link which is on the Giving page on the Holloway website. If you require more information prior to doing so, please email:

In other news…

An Anthology of Short Stories, Essays and Poems
Members of the Seniors’ Connect Club here at Holloway Church have put together An Anthology of Short Stories, Essays and Poems. The book consists of varied pieces of writing by Sis Iris Walkinshaw, the late Sis Alexteen Roberts, Sis Doreen Scott, Bro Roy Cunningham, Sis Joyce Goddard, Sis Eve Adams, Sis Joycelin Spellen, Sis Blossom Adebayo and Sis Vanessa McDaniel, and is rich in authentic accounts relating to their personal experiences, educational and religious upbringing, stemming from their Caribbean roots.

For more information on how to purchase the book, please contact Elder Keith Davidson on 07958 723000 or Sis June Alexis on 07956 246517.

And finally,

Thursday 1st October saw the beginning of Black History Month. Holloway Music Department helped the launch of Black History Month at Whittington Hospital by delivering a timely message in song. The rendition w as a blessing to all and w as w ell received by the team at Whittington, with viewers commenting on the soulfulness and timeliness of the message. One person mentioned being brought to tears during the song. The song w ill be repeated again for the closing event for Black History Month at the hospital at the end of the month.

This concludes the announcements this week, God bless you Holloway Communications

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