Audio Visuals Department

Our Services

Finding ourselves in an age of great technological innovations, the need has arisen for us as a Christian congregation to find innovative means of reaching more souls with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The traditional method of pulpit preaching needs to be supported and boosted in such a way that the message may get to those who may not be in Church from week to week.
Our Services are split into two areas:-
Production Operations:
  1. Sound System
  2. Visuals Projection
  3. Filming
  4. Live Service Online Streaming
  5. Photography
Media Ministries:
  1. Weekly CD/DVD Production
  2. Weekly Podcasting Sermons
  3. Weekly Publishing of Video Sermons on our Church Website
  4. CD/DVD Packages for our members that our unable to attend church on a long term basis
  5. Video Editing
  6. YouTube Channel

We do weekly recordings of the sermons currently on CD’s & DVD’s. The Prices are: CD’s – £3 & DVD’s – £5. To Contact us, feel free to email us on:

Leadership Team

DDuane Davidson – Audio Visuals Department Leader


JeorgeJeorge-Jina Anderson – Senior Associate Leader (Operations)


ChauvinChauvin Greenaway – Associate Leader (Training, Photography & Videography)


CatCatherine Anti – Associate Leader (Media Ministries)


Audio Visuals Team 2017

Marcia McKenzie Esther Stevenson Chavelli Brewster 
Deputy Leader (Production) AV Prayer Meeting Coordinator Head of YouTube Project
 Alexcia Silcott       Andy West
 Treasurer & Admin Assistant    Elder Sponsor and Production Assistant 
Serena Nwokoye Lancelot Hardy Linus Pamphile
Senior Production Assistant Senior Production Assistant Senior Production Assistant 
 Darrel Hunter David Williams Hubert Greenaway 
Senior Production Assistant  Senior Production Assistant Senior Production Assistant 
Rianna Johnson Wayne Barret-McKay Tola Akintomide
Production Assistant Production Assistant Production Assistant
Reuben Philip Angelique Robinson Daneila Pitkin
Production Assistant Production Assistant Production Assistant
 Sanya Anderson  Chrissy McCormack  Jacqui West
Production Assistant Production & Media Assistant Production Assistant 
 Malachi Peerbux Naomi Philip   Jasmin Alexander
Production & Media Assistant  Production Assistant Production Assistant 
Sydney Hawthrone  Delenn Pantlitz  LeAndra Lee Daley
Production Assistant Production Assistant  Production Assistant 
Reece Gayle   Kishon Prince Joel Moyo 
Production & Media Assistant Production & Media Assistant  Production  & Media Assistant
Stefane Grant   Nyasha Tapa
Production Assistant    Production Assistant
Daedria Duncan    Wesley Jeffrey-Ward 
  Media Team Assistant   Media Team Assistant