Prayer Ministries

Prayer is the life of the church thus there is a need to get the church more involved in personal, corporate and intercessory prayer.

On Sabbath mornings members of the prayer team spend time praying with members as they enter church between 9:00 – 9:30 am. After Sabbath School the Prayer Team meet in pastor’s vestry to pray for the speaker of the day, the church and its activities on that day including all those who will be participating in the various programs, visitors and members.

There is a monthly prayer and fasting session on the first Sabbath of every month and many members who joined us were blessed. This is conducted by members of the prayer team for anyone who wishes to attend. We have a monthly training session for members who want to be involved in intercessory prayer.

The prayer team conducted two prayer and fasting days for the church, one each quarter for the first two quarters.

If there is ever a time when prayer is needed it is now.

Let us pray until something happens.