Mens Ministries

The Men’s Ministries Department of Holloway SDA church warmly welcomes you to our web page.

Our vision and aspirations are embodied in our statement of purpose – Encouraging the fellowship of all men of Holloway Seventh Day Adventist Church and friends.  Harnessing our God given energies, talents and resources in the service of God, our families, our church and our community.  To live by the conviction that a man’s man is a Godly man.

Our aim is to foster an environment for men to live a life changing experience in Christ by –

1 Respecting each man’s spiritual journey and seeking ways to enhance each other’s faith and commitment to God.

2    Daily self examination of our relationship with God –

i)    Have I been a verbal testimony this week to the supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ? ii)    Have I been in a compromising situation with a member of the opposite sex any where this past week or been exposed to sexually explicit material? iii)    Have I lacked any integrity in my financial dealings? iv)    Have I given priority time to my family? v)    Have I damaged another person by my words, either behind their back or face to face? vi)    Have I succumbed to a personal addiction? vii)    Have I continued to remain angry toward anyone? viii)    Have I secretly wished for another’s misfortune so I might excel? ix)    Have I just lied to someone? x)    Can I draft questions addressing my specific area of weakness?

3    Appreciating the fellowship of other Christian men – i)    “For where two or three are gathered in My name; I am there among them.” Matt 18:20 ii)    “Do not disclose another’s secrets, or someone who hears you will bring shame upon you.” Prov 25:9-10 iii)    “If another member of the church sins against you, go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone.  If the member listens to you, you have regained that one….” Matt 18:15-17 iv)    “And though one might prevail against another, two will withstand one.  A threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecc 4:12

4    We can touch and change lives…. Together, we can be a force for winning people to Christ – friends, neighbours, co-workers or family members. The Men’s Ministries work is a quest for righteousness in the context of mutual love and support.  There is hardly a better place to introduce a man to Christ and His kingdom!

We pray and hope you will discover your life’s purpose, as a MAN, created by God and in His image; living for Him to serving humanity.

Please feel free to join our programmes and events.  We will be glad to see or hear from you.

God bless you, immensely!


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