African Skies!

Peering through the doors of Holloway Church on Saturday 7th July, one could see an exotic rainbow of bright colours and bold ethnic print. The congregation was smiling, the bongo drums were playing and the atmosphere was lively. ‘African Skies’; a fundraising concert brought colour, culture and excitement into the Church as the Church rallied together for a great cause. Rumbidzai Sithole and Hayley Mckenzie-Sealy organised this concert to raise money for Mboe Church in Zimbabwe because the Church is unable to complete their building work due to not having enough funds. The Church is made up of mostly farm workers and they are not able to fund the building project, therefore they currently worship in a School classroom, but are in desperate need of their own Church. The concert featuring a range of soloists, choirs, groups and poets including The Golden Chords, Praise and Poetical Princess. Each featured items in African languages and came magnificently dressed in African clothes or colours. Through the songs, poems and hosts, the concert emphasised that we should appreciate what God has blessed us with and in turn try our best to bless our Christian brothers and sisters in Mboe who do not have simple things that we take for granted such as communion glasses. All agreed that this was a worthy cause and generous Christian love was demonstrated as over £550 was made with more donations still promised to come. ‘African Skies’ was an inspirational and beautiful blend of African culture, unity, praise and love and we pray that the people of Mboe Church will be blessed by the generous donations that were given. If you would like to donate to the cause or find out any more information please contact Rumbi on

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