What Is Time?

Time what is it? Is it endless? How do you use it? Can you get a refund from it?

The time we live in now we call it “present”. Think about it, what does the word present mean? It implies that time is a gift. Time is one thing that all human on earth knows that they cannot control. When one second goes by there’s nothing in our power that we can do to get that same second back, it’s gone. If we do try and get it back we’ll end up wasting even more time. The reason why I’m dwelling on time is because recently I’ve only just acknowledged how important and vital time is. So many people have died in the past year. Their deaths have been unpredictable. This has taught me that time is not mine, time is precious. Every moment that I have, in every second I must be productive. Wasting time is wasting a gift that we do not deserve.


When we give our lives to God we are acknowledging that we are not our own (1Cor 6:19). We are agreeing to die to self, stating that we no longer want to live by flesh; by the foolish things our hearts desire but instead we want to live by spirit (Romans 8:5-13, Galatians 5:16-17). Living by the spirit means being obedient to the spirit and so living by God’s will . We are being vessels for God so our purpose in life is not to go about our own business but to go about our Father’s business (Phillipians2:3). Having just realised this, my perspective to life has changed, I’m on a journey aiming to transform the way I use my time.


This blog is different as its more of a revelation in my life, but it’s something that I felt was compulsory to share. The phrase “tomorrow is not promised” is commonly and loosely used but it’s so true. Let’s not put ourselves in a position where we put off decisions or work for the Lord because we believe tomorrow is promised. Acknowledging that time is not ours but God’s is difficult but not impossible. Let’s go on this journey together, let’s live for God together so that we can see each other in heaven.

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