Turkey, presents, carols and Christmas hats. Sounds like your typical family Christmas lunch doesn’t it? Well, this Christmas lunch took place around a very large table and the guests were not all from the same family.

On the 25th December 2013, Holloway Church decided to host a lunch for the homeless and other community members in need. Throughout the beginning of December, our church members collected donations of food items, clothes and toiletries to be gifted on the day and these were the highlight of the Christmas program. Our 25 special guests were greeted with a short carol service and then invited into the upper hall for a hearty three-course meal. After which, they were brought downstairs into the foyer to the ‘gift shop’. The generous church member’s donations brought wide smiles to the guest’s faces as they were directed to help themselves and fill shopping bags with whatever they wanted.

From tinned fish to toothbrushes to jeans, the ‘gift shop’ was a thoughtful and practical idea that proved to be just what our guests needed. One gentleman who had just been passing by the church and invited inside by an Elder remarked that he was “so glad he came” because his current shoes were full of holes and he left with a new pair of trainers, a coat and many food items. His excitement brought satisfaction to the member’s faces; many of which were young people in the church, encouraged by Pastor and Sister Gage and had given up their own Christmas day to help others. At the end of the day, we all agreed that it had been a success and we were glad we had come. It was also decided that we should hold the ‘gift shop’ more often.

Being able to offer those in need warmth, food and gifts reinforced our mission as Christians and although we do not know exactly what day Christ came to Earth; we do know what He came to do and through our Christmas Lunch, we believe we were able to help fulfil the work of Christ. 

To God be the glory.

 Hayley Mckenzie-Sealy




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