November 2014

Prayer: A God-given Purpose

Prayer is the opportunity God gives His children to become intimately acquainted with Him. As a conversation with God, prayer enables the believer to build a personal relationship with The Lord. Prayer is an expression of a believer’s dependence on God and, at the same time, an affirmation of God’s promise to the redeemed for spiritual power.

The primary purpose of prayer is to seek God’s will (1 John 5:14). Jesus in His model prayer told His disciples to ask according to the will of God (Matthew 6:10). When a believer talks to the Father, each request for help and every desire for guidance should be asked in the name of Jesus. All of the conditions related to prayer are bound up in this phrase – “according to His will”.

Prayer provides an opportunity for adoration, praise, thanksgiving, confession of sin, and requests for self and others. Numerous formats for prayer are possible – in fact, prayer is as unique as each person- but all prayer has a central purpose the opportunity to express yourself fully and honestly to the Lord, to listen for His reply (very often in the form of insight, assurance, and joy), and to participate in the “mystery” of seeing God’s purposes on this earth accomplished.

Prayer also offers an opportunity for Christian fellowship and guidance for the church. Prayer is not intended as a means of impressing others or manipulating God (Matthew 6:5,6) but as a way of genuinely seeking God’s strength and direction.

Further Reading – Daniel 2:23, 1John 1(Confession), Psalm 95 (Gratitude), Psalm 149 (Praise), Jeremiah 33, Hebrews 4, 3 John (Prayer)

Extract from the Study Bible

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