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Education Day – 2nd April 2011

On Sabbath 2nd April, Hyland House School took the program at Holloway Church for Education Day. Hearts were melted and smiles were wide as the students took part. Acts included choruses from their praise team and choir, poems and sermonettes. Their theme “Every Child Matters” was shown in every performance for the day. Holloway Church was well attended from supporting families and friends of the students and members of Holloway were impressed from the program and were eager to learn more about the school. The Hyland House Praise Team opened the service with rowdy choruses with Mrs Abbequaye, the Head teacher, opened the program with the invocation. The Education leader of Holloway church welcomed one and all to the program and welcomed all the visitors to lunch. Both teachers and students took part in the program and then sermonettes were rendered by students, Tyreeka Williams, Samara Williams, Tia Maria Fuller, Jared Samuel-Adams and Jordan Abbequaye. After a hardy lunch provided by the Holloway education department, the afternoon program commenced and still upheld the quality of the morning program. Special items included solos, instrumentals and a presentation of the school. Members of the church were very impressed and said that they should come back again. The Holloway Church would like to thank both staff and students who took part and ask for all your prayers for the school.

Music Day

The sound of heartfelt praise was heard around the building of Holloway church. Members and visiting friends joined together to give the honor and praise on Sabbath 14th May 2011. The program started with a warm welcome from Sis Markham who reminded us why we praise and the explanation of the program ahead. We were lead by the praise team and band with wonderful reflective worship songs that lifted our hearts. The mass choir filled the church with the singing of two beautiful songs, “God Restores” and “Glorify Thy Name”. We were then honoured with a music rendition from Cresha Walkinshaw, Audrey Richards, Anthea Davis and Ian Johnson. It was so smooth and blessed us all. Anthea Davis then brought us the Word, “Glory to Your Name” explaining to us the origin of music and how powerful music is. Imagine the worship in heaven with the beautiful singing of all the angels and the different instruments! It was indeed a programme that was not to be missed. We were truly blessed. The day was not over yet; the born again promotions held their first concert in the evening.

Mother’s Day with a difference

On Sabbath 3rd of April, Mother’s Day was celebrated in the community. The Women Ministries team, as well as some other women from the church, went out into the community to hand out daffodils and poems to the mothers in the community. As the mothers walked past, going about their business, they were handed daffodils and a little scroll printed with a Mother’s day poem. The gesture was very much appreciated by the women in the community. Some were cautious in case a fee was requested; after being assured that it was free the token was graciously accepted. Others were surprised at the thought that they were remembered by the church. One woman said’ This has never happened before.’ Another found it hard to accept the token as she was reminded of the harsh reality of being a mother. Overall it was a satisfying experience, knowing that with God’s help we have been able to reach out and make a difference to at least one woman out there. Written by Lina Castor

Women Games Night

Sabbath 26th February 2011 The women Ministries Department started the year with a Games Night on Sabbath evening- 26th February.  The purpose of the evening was to bring unity among the women in the church before we could go and tell the world, in order to keep in line with our theme: ‘WOMEN UNITE- TELL THE WORLD’. The women slowly filled the youth hall ready to join in the fun and games of the evening. It was interesting to see women of all ages mingling and getting to know each other through the ice-breaker. After some light refreshments, the games brought down every barrier in order to bridge the age gap even further. Community games such as ‘Brown girl in the ring’, ‘On the river on the bank, ‘Musical chair’ and not forgetting the famous ‘Chair relay’ were the highlight of the evening. Arthritis, backache, hot flushes were cast aside temporarily as the older women showed their ‘motion’ and competed in the games alongside the younger ones. The Games night could have easily been mistaken for an Olympics trial as the competitive streak shone throughout. The evening was quite a success due to the support of the women of the church, but above all we thank and praise God for his guidance and we solicit His continuous support for future events. Written by Lina Castor

A Night With the Star – Pathfinders Banquet

Sunday 20th February 2011 Dressed to impress, stood a vibrant queue of excited attendees anticipating a night with the stars. One by one they entered emerging from the foyer, waltzing across the red carpet, greeted by waiters/waitresses and ambushed by the eagerly awaiting paparazzi. Each person was ushered from the dazzling carpet to their seats and welcomed by the hilarious jokes of Host Wendy Baptiste. Smiles flourished throughout the hall as she invited the, at first reluctant, but soon on fire participants from all 11 classy dressed tables to the front. They sang, acted, danced and competed with items linked to an assigned celebrity, while after grace was said, the guest were served their delicious started with a choice of butternut squash soup or cheese and onion quiche. Trophies, chocolate and many more amazing prizes were brandished to those who wowed the crowd with their fantastic talents and impressive outfits. It was then time for the main course. The guests tucked into their sumptuous meals, comprising of a menu to make even the skinniest of people finish their plate. Guest had a selection of rice and peas, spinach rice, spicy chicken, tasty fish, vegetarian meatballs in stew which was accompanied by baby potatoes, mixed salad and coleslaw. As the evening drew to a close, after the desert of an exotic fruit salad or scrumptious cake and ice cream, following the mouth watering main course, guests lined up to have their professional photographs taken to preserve the memory of their glamorous night and show off their gorgeous attire, after the lively selection of music from our the vibrant DJ Nana Kay including Candy, The Cha Cha Slide and many more was turned up and everyone stepped a brilliant and blessed night with the stars away. Written by Esther Arthur-Darkwa

Young Achievers! – Pathfinders Investiture Day

Sabbath 19th Feb 2011 The day of recognition of achievement, life and spiritual skills and spiritual development had finally arrived for Holloway Pathfinder and Adventurer club. Sabbath 19th February 2011 was an eventful and joyous day as hundreds viewed how children and young people witnessed for Jesus throughout the past year. Sabbath school was the time for reflection of the year in which each pathfinder class reported on their missions and lessons which they embarked on and portrayed their many talents. The Adventurers sang a beautiful song together and pathfinders Nile Philip and Joshua Roberts shared their personal stories of their charity work undertaken in Ghana. Even though Sabbath school finished, the reflection of the year continued throughout the day. The congregation became aware that the processional would start within the next few minutes, so immediately became excited. The parade of pathfinders and adventurers waiting to slow march into church was a pleasing site to all. Their honours on their sashes and pride in their uniform was displayed for all to see. The words “Parade, by the front. Slow march!” signaled for movement and the drumming to commence.  The Allegiance to the Bible, the Pathfinder Pledge, Law and Song and the Adventurer Pledge started the service. This was followed by the posting of the flags – Union Jack, Pathfinder flag and Adventurer flag.. Master Guides in training, Trevina and Trevona Jennings welcomed everyone in the congregation and those watching online. After song service, Master Guide Joanna Jones reported on her 2-year mission trip to Peru and how overwhelming and worthwhile the experience was. Adventurer Zerenna Shiell blew the congregation away with her drumming skills that she learnt and developed. The investiture serviced followed, in which the children were invested or received honours, badges and pins for their hard work. Master Guide Trevor Harewood asked a few pathfinders some questions to test their knowledge on what they have learnt, but even though they had a brief moment of fear, they were not fazed by the questions, and answered to the best of their knowledge- well, their memory! Rumbi Sithole and Hayley McKenzie-Sealy were both invested as Master Guides and marched together to receive their awards. Before the sermon, the Pathfinder choir proudly and bravely sang “I’m in love with Jesus Christ” with solo’s by Rumbi, Isaiah, Tia and Naomi. Pastor Eglan Brooks concluded the service with an inspirational sermon entitled ‘Moving Forward’. He dressed as a Pharaoh and spoke about dreams and their importance. He related the pathfinders to Abraham and Joseph and informed them that God gives us all dreams that we must follow and abide to his rules. Before Pastor Brooks prayed, we all sang “Onward Christian soldier”, which the song spoke for itself to encourage the pathfinders, adventurers and the whole congregation to witness for Christ. After a fulfilling lunch, AYS commenced. Chamaine King and Wuni-Bannah Sesay welcomed the congregation back to AYS and to the induction service. Nola Hopkins, Angeline Barclay and Catherine James conducted a lively song service. This was then followed by Kerri-Ann Green who read a devotional based on moving forward and being a good Christian. Shamaine King, Elizabeth Uhuka and James Castor prepared a quiz for the pathfinders. The quiz was to have three groups of four and to answer a question correctly in order for a section of a picture to be revealed, then the team would guess what the entire picture was. If the question was wrong then the question went to the other teams. Their was one team of adventurer boys, the other of adventurer girls and the last of 2 pathfinder boys and 2 pathfinder girls. The questions were asked and if the answer was known then a bell had to be rung by the team. After an exciting 30minutes, the quiz ended with the pathfinder team- James Castor, Ester Arthur-Darkwa, Daniel Anti and Rumbi Sithole- winning. The induction service then started with adventurers and pathfinders lighting their candles and making their pledges and telling us why they lit the candle, this was carried out by Counselor Daley and Lorraine. The new pathfinders and adventurers were then welcomed into the club and accepted by the church. The day was eventful, inspirational, encouraging and motivating for all who witnessed it. The texts that comes to mind is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and Isaiah 11:6 “…and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and the little child shall lead them”. In Jesus name. Amen. Written by Sabrina West

Welcome Home!

Emotions filled the room and angels rejoiced as eight souls were dedicated to God. All eight candidates felt a mixture of emotions: happiness, relief, being saved, an element of fear, and encouragement were only a few that could be detected from their expressions. Family, friends, and church members filled Holloway Seventh-day Adventist church on Sabbath 22nd January 2011 to witness the baptism of 8 special candidates: Rachael Cuffie, Janice Jeffrey, Boaz Tobie, Nile Phillip, Roger Baptiste, (ROGERS FIANCE) and brother and sister, Lientho De’Oyen Barclay and La’marisa Barclay. Pastor Holder preached an encouraging sermon which informed and reminded the candidates and congregation that when we get baptized it doesn’t mean that the devil will leave us alone and we become perfect, getting baptized means that we accept Jesus as our Lord and personal Saviour and that we are willing to devote our lives according to the life of Jesus. Life will only get harder facing temptations and tribulations but we need to be like the tree that doesn’t wither but grows spiritually and bare spiritual fruits that bring other souls to God. Poems, Bible texts and melodious songs touched each heart in Holloway church as each candidate prepared to undergo the physical cleansing of Baptism. Candidates Jhenaya Elagoz, Lientho De’Oyen Barclay (7) and La’marisa Barclay (11) blessed our hearts with melodious solo items. It was pleasing to see, prodigal sons, Boaz Tobie and Roger Baptiste come back home. Bro Roy Smith welcomed Boaz and informed him that the church has many “Ruth’s”. Bible worker Sis Brenda Rutherford was proud to see her former John Loughborough student Roger Baptiste return home and devoting his life to Christ. It was a blessing to see 14 year old Nile Phillip decide to give his life to Christ. His mother, Sis Phillip told us that he wanted to get baptized for a very long time but every time he asked she would have an excuse. However on this occasion, he informed her that he will be getting baptized and invited her to come. Hayley blessed us with another one of her famous poems and we were reminded that we “can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Sisters Rachael Cuffie and Janice Jeffrey were pillars of strength. They both encouraged that we should leave our experiences to the past and that when we have a relationship with Jesus, we will be able to overcome and do anything that we put our minds to. We pray that our brothers and sisters have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and that we as followers of Christ may bring others to Him by showing love and respect.

God’s got our back

In life were all on different journeys, whether the same height, build or weight in God’s eyes were all unique in our own special and different way. As a result we shouldn’t look around at our friends or others around us and envy what we may or may not have or what we are or are not like. God sees where we are and where we can be. He knows what He’s doing. He knows the journeys we should take, what should happen in them and how fast or how slow our journey should go. But at the end of the day we all have a choice, God gives us the freedom of choice to make the wrong or right decision in situations in our life. Sometimes we make the wrong decision this then slows down our journey, like when a bus is on diversion because there is a road block. Sometimes we can be the road block in our own lives by the decisions we make. We put ourselves in situations or positions where God didn’t want us to be in. This then diverts us from the path He has in plan for us. Either way if we allow Him to be our Tom Tom when were on our diversion He’ll put us back on the path He’s laid out. You see, He knew us before we were born, He knows how many hairs we have on our head as stated in Jeremiah. God states that the birds go on with their lives not worrying about the next day or what there going to eat as God always provides. If God has their back He must have ours! We may not have reached our final destination but were surely not at the beginning…God is pulling us through…were on our way…He never gives us more than we can handle so by His Grace we’ll reach our final destination in due time.

Strength made Perfect

What are we? Humans?! Who created us? God. so what can we achieve? Nothing amazing without our Master and Creator. You see sometimes we don’t realise who we are, we get ourselves lost in worldly things, because were bigger than the typical fly, rat or cat we see nearly every other day, we begin to think we rule the earth. We make the assumption that we are in control of the world and that all things are made under our umbrella. Little do we know that the world is much bigger than the little circle that we live in. We, as christians should try our best to never forget or acknowledge our father. In everything we do we should know that is not by our own works. We as humans are weak, but it is only by the strength of God in which we are able to achieve things. It is by His grace things are made possible So although we may be bigger, taller or maybe even more knowledgeable than our neighbour or other creatures amongst us let’s not lose our self or our identity. But most importantly let’s never forget to have Jesus in our hearts. Because through Him all possibilities are made realities.

To Him that Overcomes!

Tuesday 1st March 2011 We have just arrived at the third month of the New Year. I’m sure many of us had new years resolutions and so on…have we kept them? Normally its this time of year we begin to slip away and get back to old habits or maybe even start new bad habits so we forget that we’ve committed this year like other years to the Lord thus wanting to make it the best year of our lives. So what happened…what is it that makes us give up already? Will we ever realise that our life is not or will ever be perfect. We will never have the ideal circumstances for some of the things we want or need but I can promise you that God will Always make a way. Though we want to try and do things our way, God has a plan whether we see it or not. Look at the Israelites; they took 40 years to get to the Promise Land when it should have been much shorter. Let’s not waste time with our life and work around in circles, as it is already short as it is. God has a plan…let’s not attempt to create our own. Giving up is not an option. It’s not in our vocabulary. So the dreams or promises we made at the beginning of the year, we shouldn’t let go of. God has our back and He certainly has a plan for us. Let’s trust Him and see the incredible heights in which He takes us. Whether you feel as if your holding on by a thread at the moment or you don’t even know if your holding on you’ve got a Blessing On the Way! You may receive it any Day! To Him that Overcomes!