Women and Well-Being Week

Holloway Women Ministries kicked off their annual week long seminar on the 23rd September, with Cecile Mwaniki empowering women to be starters not followers. We were reminded that “we can do anything we want with God’s help.”

The seminar covered many topics such as ‘Breast Awareness’, ‘Parenting’, ‘Clothes and Fashion’,’ Falling in Love with Jesus’, ‘From Miracles to Mediocrity’ and ‘Sexual Health’. The topics were presented by various speakers namely: Grace Adesina, Malika Bediako, Valerie Bernard-Allen and Patsy Reid.

The Women Ministries not only targeted women but also the youth of the church. Women were taught how to check their breasts for any abnormalities. Malika spoke about ‘Last Chance Parents’ and how to handle children and how to be supportive of children. However, the burning question that kept recurring was, “Where are the men when it comes to being a role model?” ‘Are you what you wear?’ looked at clothes and fashion and how particular we should be when dressing for different purposes. It is not just a matter of following fashion but it is knowing what suits the individual.

Friday night was a teen-focused topic where they were taught that when they fall in love with Jesus nothing can stand in their way. The teens came out with statements that helped us to reflect on the behaviour of older members towards them and how discouraging it can be at times.

Valerie Bernard blessed us during the divine hour with a thought provoking sermon where we were urged to keep going after the miracle has taken place in our lives rather than to settle into mediocrity.

AYS was taken by Patsy Reid, where members acted out different scenarios to make us become more aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. The programme was very educational and gave us food for thought.

On Sabbath, a pink bow was presented to all members to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and a special offering was raised which will go towards Breast Cancer Research.

Many people commented on the success of the programme and how they learnt a lot from it and would like some of the topics to be repeated in AYS to target even more young people. Praise be to God!

Holloway Women Ministries Dept.

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