What is God’s purpose for my life pt2

God’s Goal – Acts 1:18

God’s goal in creating the world is to bring glory and honor to Himself. He does this by seeing the truth about himself spread around the world through us. Then how can we bring our life into alignment with that goal?

It’s easy for us to fall into a version of Christianity that believes His will is for us to always be happy and get what we want. We have a picture of what we want our lives to be. The perfect job, 6-pack abs, ideal relationships with no drama, and all the money we could ever need. We so easily start believing that God’s job is to make our dreams become His reality. This is not biblical and in fact a cheap version of what He wants for us and is often drive by our self- centeredness. Ultimately, if we strive towards this cheap version of our life then that picture becomes the highest object of our devotion.

God exists to bring glory to Himself. If He didn’t, then who or what would He bring glory to? If it’s not Himself, if His purpose is to glorify our picture of our life, then that picture becomes elevated above Himself. Do you see how out of alignment that is? The purpose of our lives… the deepest place where we find meaning and satisfaction… transcends any relationship, job, or circumstance.

All through Scripture there are stories of how He took the shadiest of characters and most difficult of circumstances and made them powerful in His plan. The purpose of our lives is to point to Him no matter where we are, what we are doing, or whom we are with. That is in perfect alignment with His purpose.