What is God’s purpose for my life pt3

God’s Plans – Gen 12:1, 1Cor 9, James 1:17

God’s greatest desire is for Him to be glorified through your relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. Your purpose and destiny will unfold as you turn to God daily through prayer, study, worship, and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

One of the best ways to know God’s specific purpose for your daily life is to read about Him and what He has to say. Because God’s Word holds countless layers of insight and meaning, it never grows stale. He will speak to you by bringing certain words, phrases, or verses to your attention. The more you grow in your relationship with Him, the more insights you will have into His character and how He operates.

Another part of understanding your daily destiny is to live in a righteous and biblical manner where God has placed you, and to do so consistently.

A third opportunity to understand your purpose is to realize that every Christian is called to an active ministry. That doesn’t mean we will all be full-time preachers or missionaries. But with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you are to share the gospel through your words and conduct.