Stay close to God

I’ve heard the saying that whatever is bad it’s sometimes always the easiest thing to do but when you want to be good or do something good it can sometimes always be the hardest thing to do. Have you ever felt like that? I feel like that all the time. Sometimes it feels like the devil creates the perfect situation/conditions for me to sin and God has allowed it to happen and the only person that can determine what can happen in the situation is me. God has given me this free will, the opportunity to pick a route in my journey. If you also come to a similar crossroad to this in your life, don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate and don’t make the wrong decision! On the outside sin can look as glamorous as ever but when you get deep into it you see the ugly in it, and you can then begin to feel the ugly. Its not worth it. God has allowed this cross road into your life because He knows you are capable of pick the right route. He never gives you what you can’t handle. Stay close to God and he will reveal to you the route you should be heading in. Overcoming the desire of participating in some sins for particular individuals like myself is not easy but I can promise you that with God, anything is possible!

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