Is it so easy?

Its so easy to look at another person life, analyse it, tell them exactly what’s wrong with it but yet so hard to take a glimpse of your own. Sometimes as sinners, it can be scary to think about your life, because it makes you start to think or maybe even realise how sinful you actually are. The thought of some of our sins makes even ourselves shiver and we therefore are terrified to ask for forgiveness. But there’s this one thing that makes me smile. Grace! There’s nothing like it. Though our sins may be red like scarlet they will become as white as snow! Forgiveness is a miracle in itself! With Gods Grace we can overcome many of the shameful sins we battle against each and every day. And face them instead of hide behind them or just stare at others. Never forget that God paid a price for this Grace so don’t waste it! Although we may not always get punished for our sins as we would get punished for breaking the law let us not take that as an opportunity to continue sinning but to see the unconditional, selfless and incredible love God has for us. No sin is unbeatable! The faith of a mustard seed moves mountains!

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