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Queens Jubilee Celebrations

Members and families turned up in their numbers to support the Queens Jubilee Celebration which was held on Monday 4th June at Holloway SDA Church. Stalls, face painting and other fun activities kept families amused at the event which raised over £300 – although all the money is still to be counted. Money raised was used within the different departments in the church, the church building and for Cancer Research. Young and old, members and non-members enjoyed an action packed day of fun and festivities in the June sunshine. The event was well attended with bouncy castles, live music by Praise, cake and food sale; face painting, and many other fun activities for everyone’s taste. In our opinion this was a very good event, especially for those with children. We would also like to congratulate the organisers for all the hard work they must have put in to get this event together. If you missed it this year it would defiantly be worth going to the Education Department Fun Day on Sunday 15th July 2012. You will be in for a treat!  

Showers of Blessings

April showers were forecast in north London, but they were to be showers of blessings, as on 14th April, four souls made public their declaration to stand for Jesus. Elicia Jonas, Tola Akintomide, Chavelli Brewster and Claudette Whyne were baptised at Holloway church, in the presence of friends and family. Pastor Delcina Rodney presented a thought-provoking sermonette, recognising that these four candidates were changing address, and taking their citizenship from the kingdom of darkness, and firmly establishing it in the kingdom of God. By God’s grace, these showers of blessings will continue throughout the year. Pastor Matthew Herel

Dressed To Impress

Dressed in their finest gowns they entered the ball to be met by the head waiter and waitress holding a tray of appealing appetisers and a table of the finest shloer. Beautiful waiters in white bright bow ties, guided girls in gowns and guys in deluxe tux’s’ to their seats. Guests waited in anticipation for the hosts of the night to appear. Rumbi made her entrance and encircled Joshua, as she curtsied, he kissed her hand like a good gentlemen would and then the ball began.  Being astonished by their entrance the guests smiles radiated off their faces as the ball had now begun. Each table was named after a famous influential person. In the background was the accompaniment of a live band which later blessed us with a song and a beautiful poem recital was performed by one of the members. We were blessed with numerous acts on the night by those who either volunteered to go up and perform or those that were chosen to, that portrayed their talents to the audience, until dinner was ready and served. The night had three courses; starter, main and desert. People enjoyed the food given to them and had a time to have their own individual conversations and take in their surroundings. Behind the scenes were the AV Team setting up the equipment to take photographs of those looking elegant in their suits and gowns. This was a good idea as it allowed those that took pictures to remember the night and what had taken place. This night was definitely a night to remember and I’m sure everybody that attended enjoyed it to the fullest and cannot wait to attend the next one, God willing. We are very proud of all the Pathfinders that were involved in making the night special and everyone else that contributed to making the night as special as it was.   Marcia McKenzie

Holloway Cradle Roll Division Supports Local Hospital Neo-Natal Unit

On Sabbath 28th January, the Cradle Roll Division visited the Whittington Hospital Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit as their Outreach Community Project. The Cradle Roll class along with their parents were encouraged to save 20p pieces during the year and had a Table Top sale and a stall at the Fun Day. A £300.00 cheque was presented along with 2 books about parenting to Jasmine Archiebold who heads the neo-natal unit. The children were able to tour the unit and were able to see the babies that the money would help. Thank God for his continuous mercies. By Sis Karen Onek

“Keep A Level Eye”

Inspiring! Uplifting! Ecstatic! These are the word used by individuals to define their heart warming experience at The Holloway Pathfinders Club Investiture Service on Sabbath 21stJanuary 2012. Pathfinders and Adventurers were rewarded for their hard work and diligence throughout the Pathfinder year. What an experience! In total 60 Pathfinders and Adventurers were invested alongside Joshua Roberts who was invested as a master guide!

Amazingly; the entire day was intricately planned by both Pathfinders and Adventurers. Furthermore the theme for the day was keeping a level eye which was incorporated with the theme of motivation. In particular the speaker for the day was Pastor S. Johns who admonished us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. The author and finisher of our faith! Alongside the guest speaker Pastor Johns we were accompanied by the Islington Chairman, a representative from The Islington Veterans Association and The Mayor who were presented with a token of appreciation for being present at our Investiture service.

Indeed, these powerful and refreshing words were engraved in our hearts as we were encouraged to live our lives according to God’s will.  Thanks be to God that the, day was a success filled with joy!!!!!

Danelle Cuffie

New Beginnings

The last Sabbath of the month couldn’t be a better time to give your life to Jesus Christ. Holloway church rejoiced together as they welcomed Sis Keshinda Gage, Sis JodiAnne Chambers and husband and wife, Bro & Sis. King. Pastor Richard Holder preached about the goodness of Gods love and how we may all make mistakes, but as long as we look to Jesus, we will be able to overcome. The praise team led us in songs such as Great is Thy Faithfulness and as each candidate was baptised, a favourite scripture was read and song sang by their loved ones. It was a joyous occasion as the pastoral team and elders extended the right hand of fellowship and welcomed the candidates to the church. May God continue to be with the candidates and their families; may God provide them with strength to be able to get through trials and tribulations, love to show others the love of God and the wisdom to make the right choices in life.  

In Spirit and In Truth

Holloway Music Day, 3rd December 2011, was a praise and worship filled, Holy Ghost led music appreciation day. The theme was “In Spirit and in Truth” based on John 4:20-24 was a continuation of the previous Music day on the 14th May 2011. Many question modern worship styles and music and try using the bible to validate their beliefs. The two music days focused on trying to shed some light on these issues with the Holy Spirit and the Bible. Sabbath School commenced at 9:30am with ‘Singspiration’ accompanied by Roger Baptise on the Piano. Sabbath school superintendants for the day, Sister Rosa Markham and Sister Iris Walkinshaw, reiterated the importance of praise through music and the right way to worship our heavenly father. Subsequent to the lesson review was a praise emphasis program with an explanation of the theme. Highlights such as an organ recital of the famous hymn, “Praise my Soul the King of Heaven” which rounded off an excellent program. Divine service, with a twist, was a purely musical experience even down to the prayer. Members and visitors were greeted and called to worship by Brother Emeka Nwokoye and Sister Irene Onek respectively. Holloway opened up their hearts in not one but two praise and worship sessions conducted by Elder David Adams, the praise team and the band. Hymns such as “God is My All in All” allowed the congregation to lift Jesus up in singing reminding us of what it is to truly praise God. The Holloway Mixed Voice Choir gave us a point to reflect of the numerous things that God has done for us with a rousing rendition of the popular hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness” perfectly setting the platform for our speaker for the day Brother Tony Best. Brother Best delivered an emotional sermon reminding us of what sincere worship is really about and what worship without hindrance actually means in practise. The sermon concluded with the song “It Ain’t Over” by Maurette Brown Clark, sung emotively by the praise team. Holloway Music Day captured the essence of what worship through music is all about and as a result the spirit of God manifested itself more in our hearts and the name of Christ was lifted up High above the clouds. “Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!” Psalm 150:6

Its Not Where You Stand But What You Stand For

Pastor Holder and the Elders of Holloway Church invited David Adams and Pastor Herel to be ordained as elders on Sabbath 29th October 2011.

1 Timothy 3:1-7 was read by the visiting pastor from Ilford Church to remind us of the characteristics of a man of God. Pastor reminded us that being an elder, is not just an office in church but a lifestyle where outside of church we should be showing God in us.

Pastor Holder then gave some encouraging words. He said that elders should be able to pray for members in any given situation. They should be ready if they are to be called upon and to be ready to give sound advice. They should be ready to visit members and spend time with them.

Pastor Holder continued and said these wise words “Its a demonstration of wisdom, not a flash of intelligence; its not where you stand but what you stand for.”

The ordination service was brought to a close with the laying of hands on both Pastor Herel and Bro David Adams. What a joy it is to see men dedicate their lives to God and for them to be willing to allow God to use them.

The Joy of the Saved

Sabbath 21st October was a special day for Holloway as four special people joined the family. Pastor Matthew Herel reminded the congregation of God’s everlasting love and forgiveness towards each of us. Each candidate had a privilege of having their favourite Bible text read to them and special items congregation seeing during the baptism. At the end of the baptism, Pastor Holder reminded the candidates and congregation God will turn our impossibilities into possibilities when we trust Him. Let us remember these souls in our prayers. Welcome to the family, Jerry, Jennifer, Marcia, and Delreo!

Change Is Coming!

This was the theme of the evangelistic campaign held at Holloway church, from 6 – 20 August, with speaker: Pastor Kirk Thomas and evangelistic singer: Anthony Whigham (from the USA). Pastor Thomas captured the audience night after night with his infectious enthusiasm. He explored some very interesting topics such as: ‘The Day Mrs Grace Murdered Mr Law’ and ‘Who Changed It? History and the Bible Tells the Truth’.  We were all impressed at how he delivered the Word of God in such a dynamic way, that even a little child could understand. Anthony Whigham truly blessed our hearts throughout the campaign as he ministered in song. He also shared a testimony of how the Lord allowed him to be put in prison so that He could use him to witness and lead others to Christ. On the afternoon of the 20 August the campaign climaxed with a baptismal service, which saw thirteen individuals commit their lives to Christ. The baptismal individuals represented every spectrum of the church and local community, in terms of age, gender and participation in church activities and events. The youngest of the group for example are active members of the Pathfinder Club; others had children who attended the Adventurer Club; who knows what integral part the influence of their children and Counselors had on their decision that day. Holloway Church was full to capacity and each of the candidates were surrounded by friends and family who had seen them through the good and the bad times to reach this point where they had decided to follow Jesus. Rarely do we have the opportunity to baptize couples, however on this occasion, Holloway was blessed to baptize a couple who have been worshipping with us for many years and whose daughter through the initiative of her parents, is a committed member of the Adventurer club. The Pastoral team made it very clear on the night that this was only the first of two installed baptisms; a further session is to be held very soon. It is hoped that they too will be greeted with much excitement as they join the numbers who are currently being nurtured by our church members as they begin their walk with God.  There was great rejoicing in Heaven and at Holloway as they were welcomed to the church family. The newly baptised were presented with a pack of books to nurture their spiritual development.