Ten years of Holloway Drum Corps!

The church came to a hushed still as the command was given and the Holloway Pathfinder Drum Corps began to play the slow march and enter the sanctuary. Followed by the flag bearers, platform party and the rest of the club members, the church was soon full. It was the 16th July 2011, our annual Pathfinder day but this one was special because we were celebrating ten years of the Holloway Drum Corps.  Councillors Alex Silcott and Anita Daley told the church how ten years ago they had arrived in England from Monsteratt and had soon joined the club but were surprised to find that there was not a drum corps. It was not easy but soon the club had bought drums and Holloway Drum Corps was formed. Joined by the previous and the current Area 6A Co-ordinator Trevor Harewood and Kennedy Kundan, awards were presented to the past, present and up and coming drum corps members; some who had especially travelled back to Holloway to receive their awards. An award was also presented to Councilor Alex and Councilor Daley for their extremely hard work and contribution in setting up the drum corps. Since the drum corps formed, many other SEC Pathfinder clubs have followed suit and formed their own corps with help from Councillor Alex. Drum corps are an excellent way of witnessing and make a huge difference to street marches as they easily attract attention. The public are always impressed by the marching and discipline of the corps and so are interested in learning about our cause. The Pathfinder Day service also included  special items, a presentation on Seventh –Day Adventist pioneers and three sermonettes by our very own Pathfinders, Joshua Roberts, aged 18, Gamaliel Uhuka, aged 12, and Leandra Lee Daley, aged 10. We pray that by God’s grace our drum corps continues to strive and to assist in winning souls for Christ. By Hayley Mckenzie-Sealy

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